Is it too early to bring back sports?

It’s been more than two months since there has been a lockdown around the world with the outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic in Chinese City of Wuhan engulfing the whole world and making it impossible for sporting activities around the world to function normally. 

With the development of a vaccine still in its preliminary stages and the world debating over the term ‘the new normal’, all the federations across the world have been on their toes in order to get the leagues back on track. In the last few weeks a certain number of announcements pertaining to restart of sports with a number of restrictions in place have been made. While such decisions have raised hopes, the same has also has raised a number of questions regarding the fact that is it too early for sports to make a comeback?

Few countries like Belarus, Taiwan and Nicaragua have been the talk of the town as Belarus continued with the top-tier football league even amongst the crisis; Taiwan has launched their inaugural Taipei T10 Cricket League and has continued with the Chinese Baseball League. The first week of May also saw the beginning of sports in South Korea with the return of the Korea Baseball Championship (KBO) and K League without any spectators but to the advantage of all these events the broadcasters have lapped on to the opportunity and the opening day of resumption of K League for instance was broadcasted in 36 countries. In football itself, the next biggest league which is contention to get the season going is Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 from May 16 but when all seems something always goes wrong and the restart has been jeopardized with two new fresh cases for the virus being confirmed in Dynamo Dresden.

There have been a few success stories like UFC 249 was conducted successfully in Florida on May 9, 2020 (Saturday) much to the relief of the United States of America who have been struggling with keeping pace with the Virus. There are also talks for the beginning of Australia’s National Rugby League from May 28, 2020. 

Keeping all this in perspective, still a major question that stays unanswered is if a positive case of the virus appears during the course of the league what will be the evasive action or will there be a halt in the leagues again? Countries like Spain, Italy and England though have been eager to get going but the country still stands against huge challenge which involves releasing the pressure on their health system. More so, every league’s format is still in question whether they will be continuing with home and away matches? With less time for the completion of the season and the transfer window nearing which has also been affected, will too much travel lead to another spurt of virus cases and make the clubs and the federations pay an even higher economic cost?

We guess, we will have to wait and watch how everything unfolds but stating that each of the sports in discussion involves a certain degree of physical contact and social distancing being the primary pillar of breaking the chain, each of the sports bodies have their tasks cut-out for the coming months.  

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